Where to Begin

Some useful guidelines to keep in mind prior to the treatment of your child’s ear deformity include:

  • Avoid well-intended minor surgical procedures to rearrange the position of the earlobe or to remove annoying parts of the microtic vestige. The scars from this well-intended ear surgery may drastically limit the eventual outcome of reconstruction.
  • Careful orthodontic and team evaluation of the upper and lower jaw should be made between the second and fourth year. If your child is affected with craniofacial microsomia as a part of the microtia, alignment and control of the growth disturbance to the mandible may be indicated prior to ear reconstruction.
  • Surgical attempts to restore hearing are best deferred until reconstruction of the outer auricle is completed. Since hearing loss is generally conductive, children with microtia respond very well to conductive aids.

Anatomy of the Ear

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