Treatment Options

Breast deformity can cause extreme social and psychological issues for young women and men. We make every effort to be considerate of this vulnerable time in their lives and to find solutions for them. Reconstructive surgery focuses on creating a natural, proportionate breast appearance.

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Male Gynecomastia

For young men with excessive breast tissue, if the breasts have not started to diminish in size after one year and no etiology has been found, surgical removal of the excess tissue may be indicated. The daunting challenge in these cases is trying to minimize visible scarring on the chest.

The fatty portion of the breast can generally be removed with liposuction techniques. However, the residual glandular stroma often requires direct excision. This stromal removal can generally be done by an incision that circumscribes or partially circumscribes the areola, sometimes reducing its diameter as part of the procedure. When the skin of the breast has been stretched excessively, a skin reduction may also be required. This may be done in stages to avoid devascularization of the nipple and to minimize the visible scars.

Female Enlargement

In terms of female enlargement, we must first establish that female enlargement has exceeded the norm. In general, the normal female breast will weigh between 300 and 500 grams. Insurance companies have picked up on this and have made assumptions that, if the breasts double in size (300-500 grams need to be removed), then overdevelopment has occurred and the patient will have physical benefit from the surgery. Now, more sophisticated calculations based on age, height, and weight can be used to determine if the enlargement is weight-related.

Obviously, we like to see these young women in their normal weight range and with stabilized breast growth before treating breast enlargement. Sometimes weight gain and breast development continue after the surgery which can compromise the outcome.

Surgery is generally not recommended until breast size has stabilized for over a year or two. The primary drawback associated with breast reduction is the resultant scars. In addition, these young women must consider the fact that they may eventually have children and that breast reduction could compromise the ability to breastfeed. Pregnancy and breastfeeding can also cause recurrent sagging and enlargement. Visit Dr. Byrd’s Web site to learn more about breast reduction surgery.

Female Underdevelopment

There are a number of treatment options for female underdevelopment depending on each unique case. Please review our Success Stories page to see some of our successful augmentations to treat breast deformities.